If you don’t know how to write an essay, than you should see these 5 expert tips that can help you.

5 expert tricks to help you compose a good essay

An essay is a see a special type of debate, open to science and to literature art. The writer is trying to clear some phenomena, concepts, problems, so it shines with various parties exploiting its expertise to his knowledge and expression. The interpretation is based on the analytic and synthetic exposition of phenomena, concepts, perceptions, in the spatial and temporal dimension. Will I get expert help at Weekly Essay? Place and order and let us do the job. To interpret means to explain. It is the part of the discussion. This feature is this type of text: exposing already acquired knowledge by determining and analyzing the phenomenon or concepts.

  • The purpose of the paper
  • The purpose of the essay is to show that his author (or authors) can formulate and "defend" argument, have knowledge of the relevant literature and have the capacity for critical use of literature to formulate the argument (including the ability to distinguish relevant from the irrelevant in the existing literature). A good essay writer has successfully learned (or taught) to write in an academic style, he can complete the essay on time (due to the deadline for submission of essays).

  • An essay should have the following
  • It presents a clear argument. The argument is associated with literature - in a way that is common in academic writing: quoting, by stating the source, correct checking of the footnotes. It has a clear focus and clearly shows with what exactly the essay deals with. It does not deal with sub-themes. It answers to the essay question - therefore, look back on what you have asked. It demonstrates the ability of the student to give critical arguments. It also shows the student's ability to actively participate in academic debate in a way that is appropriate.

  • A logical structure
  • Excellent essays have a clear and logical structure, consisting of the title, essay questions, summary which clearly shows that the argument, introduction, three or four sections (smaller units), Conclusion, Literature and appropriate references, Printing the exact number of words in the essay. The title of the essay must not go beyond that determines of the essay question. It is not permissible, however, to come up with a completely different subject - which has nothing to do with essay question, or write about the topic in general.

  • The introduction
  • In the first sentence of the introduction, the student should clearly state with what the essay deals with. That is a narrowed down question. It should not be longer than a paragraph of, say, five sentences. In it the author should clearly state its main conclusion. Introduction must answer the questions:

    • What this essay deals with
    • What is the main argument of this essay?
    • What is the structure of the essay?
  • The aim of the topic
  • The author must keep in mind that it would be the best if the person who reads the essay immediately sees, what can be expected, rather than leaving it to the case. It would be best, therefore, to begin like this: The essay deals with the ...The essay argues that ... In order to show the justification of this conclusion, we will do the following: first part , then second part of the essay and the final (third part). Students who want the highest score, should answer the fourth question: How different is the argument made in this essay?

Make sure to follow these tips and you will get an excellent grade. Check and proofread it in order to avoid mistakes.

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