How To Write A 5 Page Essay Fast: Basic Hints On Structure

An essay is basically a compacted form of a person’s thoughts and opinions on a given topic. It is a presentation, without the frills and much briefer in length. One of the most integral points of a composition on which the marks secured depends is the structure that it has or follows. While most students focus on the content, they seem to forget that there is a technical aspect to this as well that revolves around the form that the composition is centred on.

  • The format
  • The universal format for an essay that is followed by most institutions around the world is that the written piece should start with an introductory paragraph, then there should be the body or the mass content of the piece that deals with all the relevant and actual solid content of the composition, and finally the concluding paragraph. Other formatting styles might be followed but those are rarities. Other nuances such as font style and size, formatting options and listing options should also be discussed.

  • Necessities that go unnoticed
  • There are certain things that have to be incorporated into an essay, especially if it’s one written for advanced term papers and the like, such as:

    1. Bibliography: The bibliography includes the main headings of all the sources that contributed to the content of your composition.
    2. Citation: Proper citation is a must for every paper and without them, plagiarism issues might occur.
    3. Assumptions and limitations: If you have taken into account certain theories that haven’t been tested or established yet, you need to clarify it in your paper itself.
  • Thesis question
  • Every paper or written academic piece needs to have a starting point and this is provided to the student who will be authoring said paper by the topic or hypothesis or thesis statement or research question. Whatever the name may be, it is the issue mentioned in this that the student will endeavour to answer as per the best of his capabilities in the paper. It is the skeletal base on which the entire composition stands and is centred around.

  • Avoid erroneous details
  • The content that will basically be serving as the answers to the thesis statement or the question raised by the student, needs to be without a single factual error. If you are inputting statistical or numerical data into your composition, make sure that they are absolutely correct and more importantly, up-to-date. Other factual statements and claims also need to be backed with sufficient proof, which is what footnotes are for. SO, make sure that your sources are authentic and have a good reputation.

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