How To Develop Essay Writing Skills In No Time?

Planning for your essay can make or break your final work. Unfortunately, most students do not take the time to plan and those who do often rush through the process. If you often have remarks on your essays on poor structure and arguments that are incoherent, then you most definitely need to take your time and plan your writing. Here is a simple step by step guide you can follow.

  1. Re-read your notes several times highlighting the important, relevant, and interesting portions of your text. Organize your thoughts in sections and make linkages between the different ideas.
  2. Take a look at the thought diagrams you have sketched, your main thoughts next to the diagrams, and the conclusion you want to make. It is advisable to focus more on having a clear argumentative line as opposed to presenting both sides of a particular topic. Decide on what you want to say and the concluding point before commencing. By so doing, your job will be to create the body that will lead to the conclusion
  3. Use the links you have made to work backwards. Use the points that are relevant to make your argument and to make your point clear. Write down the points in a few words to form your essay's skeleton.
  4. The next step is filling out the skeleton with concrete information backed by citations from authoritative sources. It is critical for a literature essay to have these citations as it offers your argument more weight and validates your conclusion. Write the sentences that link the bigger picture.
  5. Continue to fill out your skeleton until you have a draft that contains all your arguments, citations, thought flow, and the final conclusion. The draft should show in a clear way, how all the points link together to form the final thought. Every paragraph should answer your question and should do so in a concise manner.
  6. Let someone look at your draft and critique it. The draft should be complete in such a way that the critic will understand what you are talking about in your paper. Incorporate any useful suggestions that the critic makes into your final paper. Your essay is now ready for presentation.

An essay is only as good as its legibility. Before handing in your work to the teacher, proof read it and ensure that you have no grammatical or citation errors. This will not only make it an easy read, but will also increase your grade significantly.

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