Do You Know How To Write Common App Essay Conclusion?

Writing an application essay can appear to be tough to students but that is not always the case. Although many students say they don’t have something to write, the truth is that, everyone got something to say about themselves! Write about something that is interesting, something that gave you an insight and it will capture the attention of the reader. When it comes to writing the conclusion of your essay, it needs your concentration. Keep in mind that writing an application essay conclusion is important and a must do. I will work on how to write your conclusion because:

It’s easy to write it after mastering the content of your essay A good conclusion helps you to revise your work It’s important since it is the last thing that the admission officer will look at.

Writing a Great App Essay Conclusion

Here are important tips to consider when writing the conclusion of your application essay:

  1. Conclude your essay early, just immediately after your key moment. When you talk of your success, stop there! Leave the reader wanting more. Let the conclusion stay in readers mind thinking what next, especially about you. Make your reader feel impressed, moved and inspired. Make the reader look forward to seeing you. Let it be something they can’t avoid thinking about.
  2. Your conclusion should aim to summarize what is said and aim to complete your story. When doing your summary, make reference to your introduction and your outcomes. All your key point should be featured here. Make the points clear, short and precise.
  3. Check your paragraphs, read them again and ensure any loose ends are clarified in your conclusion. This helps the reader to remain connected and no questions in their mind like “what happened to X?” Your conclusion should fill in all the gaps in your paragraphs, leave the reader satisfied.
  4. Make your conclusion have a way forward in your future. Let the reader know what your next plan is. When talking of a process or activity, state out your findings. Your conclusion must state out what you analyzed and find out, don’t just state the activity was completed. Let your reader be left with a thought of infuriating question about the future.
  5. Address the college directly and state what you want to do there. State your passion and interest towards what you are applying. State what excites you and how ready you are to achieve your goal. When doing this be true to yourself and confident to your plans.
  6. You can infuse some humor in your conclusion if you are naturally funny. Humor is a great way of concluding your essay, but be careful about this. Bring out your personality and character. Be passionate and state how much you love life and can’t wait to join college.
  7. Don’t use the same word used in the main body paragraphs. Use alternative words when summarizing. Include dialogue in your conclusion. This keeps the reader connected. Dialogue is a powerful way to conclude your essay

When you have finished writing your essay, reread it and make any corrections. Give your essay to a friend or family member and get their opinion. Let your essay be revised by a third party and make sure it is polished. When other people read your work, it keeps focused on your objective.

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